Message from Ming, Worship Coordinator:

What is the CGYG/LIFE worship ministry?  This ministry is devoted to glorifying God through music.  Its members consist of individuals devoted to giving their best to God and using the talents and skills God has provided them to glorify Him.  It's not about musical perfection, but having the right heart attitude and speaking the truth as we sing songs of worship to God.

What is worship?

To worship God is to recognize His infinite worth and to praise Him for it.  The reality is as Christians, we are to worship and glorify God in all that we do (1 Corinthians 10:31).  Our corporate worship on Sunday mornings or Friday evenings is meant to be an overflow of our worship throughout the week.  Some things to consider in relation to worship through music:
  1. Worship is to be God-centred.  Our worship songs should always cause us to focus on the greatness of God and all that He has done.  God is the only one worthy of our worship.
  2. We must come prepared for worship.  Reconciliation comes before worship.  It is important to confess our sins and genuinely seek God's forgiveness.  Not only that, but we are called to strive to reconcile with others as well before offering our gift at the altar (Matthew 5:23-24).
  3. We worship with both heart and mind.  It has been said that the greatest distance in the world is the distance between the heart and the mind.  Our worship to God is not based on superficial emotion, but rather real emotion that is planted solidly on clear thinking and based on truth.
  4. We worship a Holy God.  We must approach Him with awe and reverence, not a casual attitude.  He is our Heavenly Father who deserves our honour and respect.
  5. We worship God with our best.  God looks at the heart.  It's not about perfection in singing or playing an instrument, but rather our attitude about it.  Are we offering the very best we have?  A quick study of the book of Malachi will show you how God feels about us giving less than our best.
  6. Worship must be scripturally sound.  The content of the songs we sing are of much greater importance than the melody or the style.  All songs must conform to the truth found in Scripture.

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