Who are we?

Chinese Gospel Youth Group (CGYG) is a college/university-aged fellowship that seeks to bring the lost to faith in Jesus Christ and to edify believers in their walk with Christ.  Established in 1963 as the Fishermen’s Club, its first members were junior high school students who met in the basement of an old synagogue that occupied the current site of Chinese Gospel Church.  Eventually, Fishermen’s Club gave way to Youth Fellowship, which targeted high school students.  Over time, this fellowship came to be known as Chinese Gospel Youth Group.

Over the years, God has blessed CGYG richly in many ways, including numbers.  As the fellowship grew, the age range of members also grew, ranging from university and college-aged students to early careers and young couples.  On September 9th, 2005, LIFE fellowship was formed out of CGYG with a ministry targeted specifically to early careers and young couples.  Although both fellowships are separate, LIFE and CGYG remain closely tied in their ministries.

LIFE is an acronym for Living For Christ, Investing in People, Following the Word, and Engaging the World.

Today, CGYG and LIFE meet every Friday at 7:30pm on the 3rd floor of the church.  Our programs vary from Bible studies (e.g. Matthew 5-7: Sermon on the Mount, Luke, 1 Corinthians) and topical studies (e.g. Church History, Christian living, etc.) to lighter programs such as social nights (e.g. ‘Iron Chef’ and Scavenger Hunts).  During the academic year, we also have cell groups that meet every other week (outside of Friday fellowship time) in order to encourage, pray for, and share life with each other.  In the summertime, many CGYG and LIFE members take part in a city-wide softball ministry as a means to share the gospel with non-believers.  Other ministries include involvement in our church Out of the Cold program, a ministry to outreach to the homeless and supply food and shelter during the winter months.  In addition, both fellowships regularly interact with other groups in the church through joint-fellowship programs and retreats, church-wide prayer and fast programs, and CGC’s annual missions conference.

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