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Worship Songs

Written Song Title Downloads Description
26-Aug-03 My Great Shepherd MP3 (3.4 mB)
PDF (16 kB)
Song Recording (MP3)
Lyrics & Chords (PDF)
23-Jun-05 Psalm 139 MP3 (3.42 mB)
PDF (17 kB)
Song Recording (MP3)
Lyrics and chords (PDF)
23-Jun-05 Psalm 139 MP3 (4.31 mB)
A cover of Sarah's song by Andrea (Vocal, Piano, Strings), Ming (Vocal, Guitar), and Joe (Vocal). Recorded on 09-Feb-08.
14-Sep-05 All Nations Rise to Glorify MP3 (8.5 mB)
PDF (18 kB)
2005 CGC Missions Conference theme song.
23-Mar-06 To Know You Lord PDF (20 kB) PDF includes lyrics and chords.
23-Aug-06 Every Single Thought MP3 (4.9 mB)
PDF (17 kB)
2006 CGYG/LIFE Retreat Theme Song.  PDF includes lyrics and chords.
26-Jan-07 Blessed Is The Man PDF (20 kB) PDF includes lyrics and chords.
30-Mar-07 Glory MP3 (3.6 mB)
PDF (18 kB)
2007 CGC Missions Conference theme Song.  PDF includes lyrics and chords.
01-Oct-11 Greater Than All Things MP3 (9.1 mB)
PDF (41 kB)
Song Recording (MP3)
Lyrics & Chords (PDF)
Oct-12 Praise To You Lord MP3 (6.8 mB)
PDF (43 kB)
Song Recording (MP3)
Lyrics & Chords (PDF)
Jun-14 Psalm 121 MP3 (6.8 mB)
PDF (41 kB)
Song Recording (MP3)
Lyrics & Chords (PDF)
24-Nov-15 Light of this World MP3 (7.9 mB)
PDF (35 kB)
Introduced at the LIFE Christmas Dinner (11-Dec-15).

Not-so-serious Songs

An engineer and a doctor.  Two professionals... or so it seems.  Anybody who caught us on video during our performances, please have compassion and destroy all copies.  Thanks.  What you'll find here is a list of some of the CGYG/LIFE related songs that were written over the years.  You won't find any musical masterpieces here, but at least they resulted in... interesting performances.  Enjoy. -- Ming & Joe

Performed Song Title Downloads Description
Aug-06 MAndrea MP3 (4.51MB)
PDF (18 kB)
I can't say I was completely surprised, but Joe wrote a song about Andrea and I for our wedding (I've got to say he did a pretty good job too).
No Idea Andrea Tales MP3 (2.08MB)
PDF (16 kB)
Here's a little play on the VeggieTales theme song.
04-Feb-05 Euhan's Song MP3 (434 kB) Euhan had the misfortune of sitting beside Joe and I while we both had guitars during a CGYG potluck/games night.  Poor Euhan.  Live and learn.
26-Nov-04 Phi's Lament MP3 (2.57MB)
PDF (14 kB)
Some things people say just seem to lend themselves to song.  Phi's "I came to Toronto 'cause love left me" said during a Thanksgiving dinner is one such phrase.  Little did we know that to follow one love, he had to leave another behind.  The resulting angst gave birth to "Phi's Lament" during a work weekend at Camp Kakeka.
01-Oct-04 It's Joe PDF (19 kB) My only response to Joe's performance of "Ming Ho" came in the form of 4 words... "I write songs too."  Written shortly after Joe's performance, I waited for the right opportunity to strike back.  Joe even did the overheads for me during the performance but accidentally covered the lyrics part way through.
17-Sep-04 Friday at CGC MP3 (4.0MB)
PDF (28 kB)
This song was written specifically for the CGYG welcome program.  It was meant to be a fun song designed to describe CGYG and how solidly grounded it is scripturally.  Interestingly enough, the song ended up being very scriptural in content.  Hmmm... guess CGYG rubbed off on me.
04-Sep-04 Ming Ho MP3 (1.5MB)
PDF (18 kB)
For a doctor, Joe sure has a lot of time.  How else can you explain this song he wrote about me... ME!  His writing partner!  I get the feeling he wrote this as a response to our last couple of joint efforts.  We started writing "Friday at CGC" together, but somehow I ended up writing the whole thing (though I gave him a month to contribute so I'm blameless).  I told him he could write a song for the CGYG retreat... and so he did...
24-Jan-04 If I went to CGYG MP3 (4.02MB)
PDF (26 kB)
PPT (595 kB)
This song was performed for the appreciation surprise party for David, Chun-Va, Stephen, and Betty for all their hard work as counselors.  It was definitely a fun song to write and perform.  There were a LOT of inside jokes involved so it may lose a little something with time.
19-Sep-03 500 Miles PDF (12 kB) The song that started it all.  After an afternoon of ultimate frisbee on August 3rd, 2003, a group of us traveled back to Tim's place for dinner.  Many of us were members of CGC's softball team the Proclaimers.  We had a guitar... it was inevitable.  After a night of singing worship songs, Joe, Wilson, and I proceeded to write one of the saddest (pathetic, not boo-hoo sad) songs we've ever written.  A parody of the Proclaimer's song with all new lyrics.  After a solid month of resisting, I finally gave in to Joe's insistence on performing the song.  Finally, at the CGYG Iron Chef we did it, scottish accents and all.  We'll never live it down.

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