Softball Schedule

Cornerstone Schedule

Day Date Time (pm) Park Home Team Away Team
Saturday 27-May-17 2:00 Hobart Eleos Cornerstone
Saturday 10-Jun-17 2:00 Parkway Forest Cornerstone Koinonia
Saturday 10-Jun-17 4:00 Parkway Forest Resilience Cornerstone
Sunday 25-Jun-17 4:00 Warden Jars of Clay Cornerstone
Sunday 25-Jun-17 6:00 Warden Cornerstone Sanctuary
Saturday 08-Jul-17 2:00 Warden Apostles Cornerstone
Sunday 16-Jul-17 2:00 Hobart Summit Sinai Cornerstone
Saturday 22-Jul-17 4:00 Warden Cornerstone Bread
Saturday 22-Jul-17 6:00 Warden Cornerstone Revelation
Saturday 29-Jul-17 4:00 Hobart Cornerstone Pillars

Ichthus Schedule

Day Date Time (pm) Park Home Team Away Team
Sunday 28-May-17 6:00 Parkway Forest Ichthus Kingdom Dwellers
Saturday 03-Jun-17 6:00 Parkway Forest Ichthus Ekklesia
Saturday 10-Jun-17 6:00 Warden Ichthus Makarios
Saturday 24-Jun-17 2:00 Warden Arkeo Ichthus
Saturday 01-Jul-17 2:00 Parkway Forest Gideon's 300 Ichthus
Saturday 08-Jul-17 2:00 Wigmore Mustard Seeds Ichthus
Saturday 22-Jul-17 4:00 Wigmore Aftershock Ichthus
Sunday 23-Jul-17 2:00 Hobart Ichthus Seraphs
Saturday 29-Jul-17 4:00 Wigmore Ichthus Rock
Saturday 29-Jul-17 6:00 Wigmore Amity Ichthus

Note:  Please come out and support the team even if you're not a player!

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