Softball Devotionals

The softball devotionals are an important aspect of the softball ministry.  Either before or after each game played, a 20-minute devotional is conducted by the Governor of the home team.  The purpose of this is to look into the Word of God.  As the season progresses, transcripts of the devotionals conducted by our team will be posted online.  This will allow anybody to review previous devotionals in the series that you may have missed or to revisit ones that you found interesting.  If you have any questions about the content of any of these devotionals, please feel free to ask any of the softball leadership (Coaches or Governors), CGYG or LIFE leadership, or email

2017 Devotionals:


Devotional Archive

2005 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Governor Ming):

Date Download Description
05-Jun-05 Devotional - Jesus is God.pdf
(35 kB)
Although the majority of scholars believe in the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth, there is still debate surrounding who Jesus is.  This devotional describes how Jesus claimed to be nothing less than God in human form and discusses some of the evidence that supports Jesus' claims to deity.
Devotional - Jesus is Holy.pdf
(28 kB)
If God is love, why would He judge and punish people for their sins?  Is truth and morality absolute?  Can the good in my life outweigh the bad?  These are common questions which are addressed in this devotional.  Discover how God is also Holy and a God of Justice.
26-Jun-05 Devotional - Jesus is our Risen Saviour.pdf
(35 kB)
Did Jesus really die on the cross and rise from the dead?  If so, why?  Is the resurrection myth or legend that formed over centuries?  This devotional describes some of the evidence that supports that the Bible and the resurrection are historical.  It also describes our response if we ultimately make this conclusion.
24-Jul-05 Devotional - Jesus is the ONLY way.pdf
(33 kB)
Is Jesus just one of many legitimate paths to God and to Heaven?  Christianity claims that it is through Christ alone that we can be saved from the punishment of sin that we are all subject to.  Are Christians arrogant and too exclusive for believing this?  This devotional describes the logic behind this foundational Christian belief.
7-Aug-05 Devotional - What is a Christian.pdf
(31 kB)
Five misconceptions of what defines a Christian: You are a Christian because 1) your parents are Christian 2) you attend church regularly 3) you serve in church 4) you were baptized 5) you claim to be a Christian.  If these aren't the main indicators, what are?  See how the Bible defines what a Christian is.

2006 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Governor Nelson):

Date Download Description
27-May-06 Devo 2006 - #1.pdf Jesus Christ is our Substitute - "Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace.  All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day that is coming will set them on fire," says the LORD Almighty.  --  God declares that He will destroy evil, so what's the catch?
17-Jun-06 Devo 2006 - #2.pdf Jesus Christ is our Freedom from Sin - The Bible talks about... the 2nd law of thermodynamics?
09-Jul-06 Devo 2006 - #3.pdf Jesus Christ is our Gift from God - A gift that causes people to jump around for 30 minutes!  What could it be?
16-Jul-06 Devo 2006 - #4.pdf Jesus Christ is our example of lowliness and costly love - We all have an idea of what fame, fortune, and power is like, but is that how heaven works?
05-Aug-06 Devo 2006 - #5.pdf Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Saviour - A personal account of an individual's encounter with God and Jesus Christ.

2007 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Governor Nelson, Asst. Governor Ben):

Date Download
26-May-07 Devo 2007 - #1.pdf Christian rule: You are unable to fulfill any of the rules [Nelson]
23-Jun-07 Devo 2007 - #2.pdf "He does whatever He pleases" [Nelson]
14-Jul-07 Devo 2007 - #3.pdf Why does God command us to praise Him? [Nelson]
29-Jul-07 Devo 2007 - #4.pdf Ben's Testimony [Ben]
05-Aug-07 Devo 2007 - #5.pdf
What do you Treasure? [Ben]

2008 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Governor Ben):

Date Download
31-May-08 Devo 2008 - #1.pdf Are you wasting your life?
07-Jun-08 Devo 2008 - #2.pdf What type of seed are you?
21-Jun-08 Devo 2008 - #3.pdf Wheat vs Weeds
13-Jul-08 Devo 2008 - #4.pdf Why did Jesus speak in Parables?
20-Jul-08 Devo 2008 - #5.pdf Are you ready?
09-Aug-08 Devo 2008 - #6.pdf Will You Be Faithful?
15-Aug-08 Devo 2008 - EOS.pdf End of Season Devo - Guest Speaker Sunny

2009 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Governor Jonathan Wang, Asst. Governor Joe Whittle):

Date Download
31-May-09 Devo 2009 - #1.pdf What is the Gospel? [Jonathan]
04-Jul-09 Devo 2009 - #2.pdf Living a Christ Centered Life? [Joe]
05-Jul-09 Devo 2009 - #3.pdf Prayer [Jonathan]
12-Jul-09 Devo 2009 - #4.pdf Love your neighbour [Jonathan]
18-Jul-09 Devo 2009 - #5.pdf Testimony [Joe]

2010 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Govenor Joe Whittle):

Date Download
12-Jun-10 Devo 2010 - #1.pdf Devotional #1 (Joe)
27-Jun-10 Devo 2010 - #2.pdf Devotional #2 (Ken)
17-Jul-10 Devo 2010 - #3.pdf Devotional #3 - Striving each day for what matters (Joe)
07-Aug-10 Devo 2010 - #4.pdf Devotional #4 - Strive for God now, rather than later (Joe)
14-Aug-10 Devo 2010 - #5.pdf Devotional #5 - Ken Wu's Testimony
12-Sep-10 Devo 2010 - Wrap up.pdf End of Season Wrap Up Devo - Joe Whittle's Testimony

2011 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Govenor Ken Wu, Assistant Governor Andy Ly):

Date Download
29-May-11 Devo 2011 - #1.pdf Devotional #1 - Fulfillment of the Law [Andy]
25-Jun-11 Devo 2011 - #2.pdf Devotional #2 - Anger and Reconciliation [Ken]
02-Jul-11 Devo 2011 - #3.pdf Devotional #3 - Adultery [Andy]
16-Jul-11 Devo 2011 - #4.pdf Devotional #4 - Divorce and Oaths [Ken]
23-Jul-11 Devo 2011 - #5.pdf Devotional #5 - Retaliation, Loving our enemies [Ken]
August-11 Devo 2011 - #6.pdf Devotional #6 - Season Summary [Andy]

2012 Cornerstone Devotionals (Head Govenor Ken Wu, Assistant Governor Andy Ly):

Date Download
26-May-12 Devo 2012 - #1.pdf Devotional #1 - Example of Abraham [Ken]
09-Jun-12 Devo 2012 - #2.pdf Devotional #2 - Example of Peter [Ken]
16-Jun-12 Devo 2012 - #3.pdf Devotional #3 - The Integrity of Paul [Andy]
24-Jun-12 Devo 2012 - #4.pdf Devotional #4 - The Integrity of Jesus [Ken]
07-Jul-12 Devo 2012 - #5.pdf Devotional #5 - The Integrity of Jesus at Gethsemane [Andy]

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